Some scripts to extract useful content from a Drupal database to form
text files that form the entries in a (Py)Blosxom setup. Ofcourse, no one's 
stopping you for using it for any other purpose ;) The basic idea is to extract 
blog text along with blog entry date/time , write the text to plain text files
and then use the blog entry times to alter file mtimes. If you are familiar with
the Blosxom family, you already know, that forms the basis of sorting entries in 
a typical setup. The end result will create enries that you directly drop into 
the entries folder of your pyblosxom setup. For an example see :

First of all, take a dump of your drupal database :

mysqldump --xml --user=username database_name -p | gzip > backup.sql.gz

Be sure to include the --xml switch.

Then, run the script as :

./ backup.sql htmldump

where backup.sql is the Drupal database dump and htmldump is the folder
to store entries in. You can choose an extension specific to the way you are parsing
your pyblosxom entries. In my case, I have set it to HTML. You can easily change it in

Lots!! Probably just works on my setup

Lots here as well. Just use your imagination ;)

Feel free to email me if you have any questions about usage and/or bug fixes. <email>