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Adds basic documentation of the CheckTypeSize method.

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File doc/scons.mod

 <!ENTITY CheckLib "<function xmlns=''>CheckLib</function>">
 <!ENTITY CheckLibWithHeader "<function xmlns=''>CheckLibWithHeader</function>">
 <!ENTITY CheckType "<function xmlns=''>CheckType</function>">
+<!ENTITY CheckTypeSize "<function xmlns=''>CheckTypeSize</function>">
 <!ENTITY TryAction "<function xmlns=''>TryAction</function>">
 <!ENTITY TryBuild "<function xmlns=''>TryBuild</function>">
 <!ENTITY TryCompile "<function xmlns=''>TryCompile</function>">

File doc/user/sconf.xml

+  <section>
+  <title>Checking the size of a datatype</title>
+    <para>
+    Check the size of a datatype by using the &CheckTypeSize; method:
+    </para>
+    <sconstruct>
+env = Environment()
+conf = Configure(env)
+int_size = conf.CheckTypeSize('unsigned int')
+print 'sizeof unsigned int is', int_size
+env = conf.Finish()
+    </sconstruct>
+    <screen>
+% <userinput>scons -Q</userinput>
+sizeof unsigned int is 4
+scons: `.' is up to date.
+    </screen>
+  </section>
   <title>Adding Your Own Custom Checks</title>