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Error dialog: Failed to load image from file ...

It happens if you use an executable and select a new background image (and then apply). In that case we have something in the config "~.beam\beamconfig.json" like

"Background":  "C:\\Users\\Martin\\AppData\\Local\\Temp\\_MEI61802\\resources\\backgrounds

That temporary extraction folder ("_MEI61802") changes at the next start. It should be a relative path then like:

"Background":  "resources\\backgrounds\\bg1920x1080px_darkBlue.jpg",

or so.


Do not change a background image file when using an executable version.

a) Delete "~.beam\beamconfig.json" so that a new config file gets created.

b) To not lose the configuration, open the config file and correct it manually.

Fixed in V0.5.0.4