NOTE: The PDF Bookmark Wizard is deprecated and replaced by the PDF Zoom Wizard.

PDF Bookmark Wizard

The PDF Bookmark Wizard is a lightweight and cross-platform tool that allows you to easily apply zoom settings (such as the infamous "Inherit zoom") to a batch of PDF bookmarks.

If you are a user, read down below to check out the features of the Wizard and see how to get started. If you are a developer, please head on to the wiki section.

This is free software under GNU GPLv3, so have a try on it. For any further question you can contact me via e-mail. And if you like the tool, you can support its development by donating a few bucks.


  • Apply "Fit page", "Actual size", "Fit width", "Fit visible" or "Inherit zoom" to your bookmarks without selecting them manually
  • Choose between a single PDF file or whole directories (enclosing subdirectories included)
  • Quickly overwrite your existing files or copy them with a custom filename infix
  • Increase the version of your PDFs on the fly (experimental)

Getting Started

Make sure you have Java installed on your computer. Afterwards download the Wizard and launch the JAR-file by simply double-clicking on it. That's it!

If you are running in any trouble, feel free to open an issue.


This application uses JavaFX, in case your system runs with OpenJDK, you might consider having a look at this.