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Issue #120 resolved
Tom Turner created an issue


So Rachael and I have chatted, and what we ideally would like is a static page on the members face, which has a form, asking for Name, Email Address, Dietary Requirements and Seating Requirements

On completion of said form, can we have a page with an XTS plugin, awaiting an XTS ID.

Can this all be on a page linked to from the top menu?


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  1. Craig Snowden

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    I would be inclined to suggest that it is not XTS that handles the payments.

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  2. Craig Snowden

    I've emailed a comment but it hasn't appeared.

    I'm concerned that XTS isn't the best option for payments.

  3. Craig Snowden

    From the perspective that the whole thing needs to be integrated to avoid membership style list inconsistencies.

  4. Lewis Eason

    We spoke earlier, Craig, and I disagreed at first. But now I've had time to think about this a bit better, you're probably right.

    @tnturner - how soon do you need to start selling online?

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