Archive doesn't go back very far.

Issue #125 resolved
Luke Blaney created an issue

Assuming you want an archive which goes back more than a few months, there's two main sources for this data:

  • The Friends of Bedlams (FoB) website. This involves tricking someone in FoB into sending you a copy of the data (which may take several months). Then you have to go through all the people's names and try to work out which ones refer to the same person. (Hint: some people have many names; some names have multiple people).
  • The old EUTC website database. This is by no means perfect, but hopefully the fact that it identifies people relationally, rather than as a name is a slight improvement. Should also include more recent shows than the FoB archive.

P.S. I'm well impressed that you have a proper bug tracker going. Much better than ;)

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  1. Hayden Ball

    As Craig has said, it's in the pipeline.

    The current plan is to use the old website data. The import script is just about there, so hopefully this will be fixed soonish...

  2. Hayden Ball

    Last night, we ran the script.

    The majority of the shows in the old website appear to have been imported, although there will be a fair few inaccuracies that need correcting...


    • Tidy up generated users.
    • Give archivist permissions to update shows.
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