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Adam Alton
created an issue

This is the trickiest one, basically it would be good to have an archive which can be used on the EUTC site and the FoB site and potentially allow users from both to make edits like adding info and have both stay in sync.

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  1. Lewis Eason

    I think we can do this. We can write a nice API on the EUTC end, and then the FoB website could pull the data through? Would FoB be ok with that, do you reckon?

  2. Adam Alton reporter

    Cheers for that. To what extent are these 'ready to go out of the box', should I be able to just basically create the pages with the code and go for it or will there be bits that need some tinkering (ignoring the look, I just mean functionality).

    One thing I've noticed, it doesn't seem to like the line:

    $page = $page ?: 1;

    Any idea why that might be?

  3. Hayden Ball

    They'll need changing so that they look at rather than bedlam.local:3000....

    Otherwise, they'll just need tinkering with a bit.

    PHP isn't my strong point - that line is meant to be "Set page to 1 if it isn't set to anything"... it worked in my version of PHP, it might not do in yours...

    How about $page = $page ? 0 : 1; does that work?

  4. Adam Alton reporter

    Brilliant, got it mostly working, just need to have another look at the $page code but should be able to sort that tomorrow. In fairness I'm waiting for someone with the right permissions to upgrade our server to the latex version of PHP, so that could be causing issues. I assume there are more elements I can get to such as cast lists and stuff like that. I don't suppose you have a list of what's available do you?

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