show.json should include cast and crew list

Issue #155 resolved
Lewis Eason
created an issue

/show/:slug.json should return the cast and crew list for FoBness, amongst other things.

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  1. Adam Alton

    Just so you know, the things that I would like JSON wise are the following: • Prices • Author • Venue • Cast/Crew List • Reviews • Gallery

    Also, is there a URL for seeing the list of available JSON slugs?

  2. Adam Alton

    My bad, looks like price and author are already there and so are the gallery images I think, so I should be able to put something together for that hopefully which just leaves: • Venue • Cast/Crew List • Reviews

    I also assume that just going to a show in json format which has lots of the info I need will show me what JSON slugs are available.

  3. Hayden Ball

    I'm afraid the only way to get slugs is using the index action... I can add a parameter to increase the number per page? What are you wanting that for out of interest?

    I'll sort the associations for you.

  4. Adam Alton

    It was really just so I could see what I currently have access to, it's nothing to worry about if it's work, it was just if it was to hand.

    Are you saying you'll sort the gallery associations? If not, is it possible to grab a array of the image urls relating to an individual gallery ID?

  5. Adam Alton

    You are a wonderful human being. That's galleries, reviews and cast/crew lists sorted, sort of. The cast crew list has positions and member IDs but it doesn't have the actual names. And I'm having trouble with the venue name, but I think that's my fault and I was just doing some quick testing so will give that a better look tomorrow. Thanks again.

  6. Adam Alton

    Yaaay, everything sorted now except people's names for the cast/crew list. Hoping to try and find a clever way to have links to people's Bedlam profiles and FoB profiles, fun Xmas project for me. Either, way, soon the only thing left will be getting the content up to date.

  7. Adam Alton

    Can I be a real pain and ask if it would be difficult to add the venue image URL? I can build it up from the information given but it could be a bit hacky.

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