Data Records Clean-up Task

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Issue #177 resolved
Mick Zijdel created an issue

A rake task that is run every 6 months or so and removes phone numbers and email addresses that are deemed as too old by the app/views/membership_activations/activate.html.erb file.

Add a role that you can give users whose email you want to keep so they can log in if they ever need to. For example: us. We would probably need to gather consent from the users we give this role, just as a paper trail.

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  1. Hayden Ball

    This sounds like a good move, and is somewhat in line with what we did with the great data migration from the old website. Careful that email has a presence validation IIRC.

    I will be upset if my own user gets deleted 😆

  2. Mick Zijdel reporter

    We resolved this somewhat differently. Users now consent to us storing their email indefinitely, or until they ask us to remove it. Every day, we run a task that deletes phone numbers that belong to users who have consented more than a year ago.

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