Send an email to when someone gets an 500 page.

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Issue #178 resolved
Mick Zijdel created an issue

(Note: This might already happen? I just have not seen it happen)

This is a thing Django does, and I found it quite helpful. Especially because the website currently says: we are informed, while we are not?

It would send an email containing the error messages, and some more information about the request, such as the full url, which user got the error, bla bla. Maybe there even exists a gem that does this.

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  1. Hayden Ball

    There are Gems for this, but I’d advise against as the volume of email can be overwhelming.

    I’d recommend looking at a free tier for an error reporting service such as Honeybadger, Sentry, Rollbar, or equivalent.

  2. Mick Zijdel reporter

    Yes, that would probably be better. Though, hopefully, with more awareness of what 500’s are occuring, there will be less of them happening. Is there one of those services you think is particularly good?

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