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Mick Zijdel created an issue

Most showteams currently use sign-up forms on Google Drive. This works fine, but it might be nice to have it on the website instead? This way we can:

  1. Check if auditionees are members
  2. Check if auditionees are in debt
  3. Make sure the form complies with GDPR
  4. Easily compare which people were cast in which shows

We can use the current questionnaires and proposal question things as a base for this and even add templates. We can also allow showteams to add their own questions.

Bonus tie-in: Allow them to add the list of cast people directly to the show, so the FOH-manager doesn’t need to catch the producer up on that all the time. It can also create user accounts for the people who were cast, which then have to be activated later.

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