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Issue #19 resolved
Tom Turner created an issue

Set/Tech/Theatre/Front of House (henceforth 'sttf') Questionnaires

Circumstances & Structure

Exist for each succesful show. To be filled out by the production team to indicate special requirements/adherence to proposal/production guidelines

All questions are custom.


Can these happen.


Admin have all the permissions, always (IT Systems and President)

Sttf managers go to questionnaires page, are presented with current approved and upcoming shows. Can add custom questions to each questionnaire. Once satisfied, questionnaire is released to production team. Individual questionnaires can be viewed by the relevant manager once submitted by show.

Manager can read questionnaire and return with comments for editing if unsatisfied with answers. Once satisfied, form is marked as 'approved'.



When created, email remind production team 3 Weeks until show, reminder '1 Week remaining to fill out form' 2 Weeks until show, deadline email if not submitted. 1 Week until show,


If form is returned with comments, production team are emailed with details and asked to make changes.

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