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Issue #193 resolved
Mick Zijdel created an issue

Requested by George Manchester:

It would probably work well to just add a special role named ‘DM Trained’

To view who is DM Trained:

  • A list of all people currently DM trained with search and a way to add people → Might be useful to add this to every role
  • The membership checker tells you if someone is DM Trained
  • DM Trained people get a blue label next to their name on show pages

    • Probably add it to the admin show team members partial

Only DM Trained members can sign up to staff a DM slot. Also a good time to add a check so only committee can sign up to committee rep.

Comments (4)

  1. Craig Snowden

    Is there still a “quiz” for DM training? Could integrate it here and automatically grant the role, just to remove some admin headache?

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