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Issue #22 resolved
Tom Turner created an issue

Can we make some default images for news items and shows so the show slider never reverts to blank and all news items look pictured.

Also, can we please make the show slider default to "Check Out Bedlam Fringe!" if there are no upcoming shows (that's the only time that should happen).

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  1. Craig Snowden

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    Depends. I think we should discuss the design of the site first with Celia. It seems counterproductive to put much effort into making changes to a layout that could be changing anyway. Perhaps we should arrange this sometime this week.


  2. Tom Turner reporter

    The slider is a given, so this will always be an issue. The homepage design is also a given, and the upcoming meeting will be to discuss fonts/colour schemes and the layout of static pages. It will be next week when Faith is less busy.

  3. Hayden Ball

    Added no shows image for front page.

    Between 1st July and 1st September, the fringe.png image will be shown if there are no current shows.

    For the rest of the year, the 'no-shows' image will be shown if there are no current shows.

    ref #22 Thoughts?

    → <<cset 153642d42988>>

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