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Tom Turner
created an issue

Does Rails provide an app for monitoring who is logged in, and when someone last logged in?

Literally the least important thing, potentially ever.

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  1. Hayden Ball

    Google Analytics is already in for the public facing stuff (there have been 46 unique visitors in the last month). There's no reason why we couldn't add it to the admin pages as well.
    (Use to log into GA)

    We can already show the last login time (as Craig has said). It's not impossible to add the extra column to see when their last request was as well - I'm not sure if last login includes users authenticated using a "remember me" cookie.

    I'll add the last login details to a report when I get the axslx gem installed... hopefully soon.

  2. Lewis Eason

    Also, you can configure Google Analytics to track which user made each request and aggregate that over your metrics, which sounds roughly like what you want to do? amiright?

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