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Issue #72 wontfix
Lewis Eason created an issue

If you click "members" without being logged in, you are redirected to the login page (good). Once logged in, you don't advance to "members" like expected, you get dumped back on the home page (bad).

Implement a next GET variable and do a proper redirect?

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  1. Hayden Ball

    Known issue.

    It only happens if you haven't accepted cookies, because there is no session until you visit the login page.

    Once you have logged in once, or clicked "accept cookies" it works as expected (I think)

  2. Lewis Eason reporter

    All the same, might see if I can find a way to make Devise redirect to the referrer instead of the home page when no session exists.

  3. Lewis Eason reporter

    Defer to Future Projects, unless you just couldn't care less about such a trivial matter

  4. Craig Snowden

    Flergh. Accept cookies. There is no reason why people shouldn't. (In fact, we should be moving to a presumed consent model... EU Directive permits it - the Information Commissioner's Office at even uses it!)

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