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added pianobar-9999 with option to build libpiano separately

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+EBUILD pianobar-9999.ebuild 1142 RMD160 2e3f03de34dbc3944f8e77f5c65829ef9d2d892f SHA1 5a90c1de65544160768dcf2ed7b67f55d8e9e885 SHA256 e2c97a213cb70c1d5a8f96b71608c6a34de3fbfd967dcd17c139ede39139b080


+# Copyright 1999-2012 Gentoo Foundation
+# Distributed under the terms of the GNU General Public License v2
+# $Header: $
+inherit toolchain-funcs flag-o-matic eutils git-2
+DESCRIPTION="A console-based replacement for Pandora's flash player"
+IUSE="aac +libpiano +mp3"
+	net-libs/gnutls
+	aac? ( media-libs/faad2 )
+	mp3? ( media-libs/libmad )"
+REQUIRED_USE="|| ( mp3 aac )"
+# Only releases are tested since patches required for testing often break
+src_compile() {
+	local myconf
+	! use aac && myconf+=" DISABLE_FAAD=1"
+	! use mp3 && myconf+=" DISABLE_MAD=1"
+	use libpiano && myconf+=" DYNLINK=1"
+	append-cflags -std=c99
+	tc-export CC
+	emake ${myconf}
+src_install() {
+	local myconf
+	use libpiano && myconf+=" DYNLINK=1"
+	emake ${myconf} DESTDIR="${D}" PREFIX=/usr install
+	dodoc ChangeLog README
+	docinto contrib
+	dodoc -r contrib/{config-example,*.sh,eventcmd-examples}
+	docompress -x /usr/share/doc/${PF}/contrib
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