belak.gentoo / app-misc / sunflower / Manifest

DIST Sunflower-0.1a-42.tgz 595510 RMD160 d4f6e7dd0a3be2533797c3bef0144131b5700270 SHA1 b1be265abce558c9cde0c5df10ccad4560b2f85b SHA256 1435b3fb4d98d7cf9263a7695f89b9980e99042237f4c816bd804a2434e3f706
EBUILD sunflower-0.1_alpha_p42.ebuild 1035 RMD160 8497cc675a2c3bae7100fbcbb588cc7da67282cf SHA1 25cfdb9558337633ec72058c497406062a95e0b4 SHA256 e8773fe264fb70ece647cd8e8455f11d71fd79fd26ce258a386391f37e839b6e
EBUILD sunflower-9999.ebuild 951 RMD160 8219aab656ad0866e6c78263e7b1099b0f6a502d SHA1 8945d10db96edd569854a12d3a39dbc42812c3ac SHA256 6048312fc5043b3ea106050c7987cfa9221b5c2d5b932ec661f5ef1109bbbc47
MISC metadata.xml 324 RMD160 3e9bede47d0712eb50f92220474473dc5c26badc SHA1 93d4d56e6f56d5c9e882a9635bbcf6a8b0a43dbe SHA256 73f05a49f82d1828ca15d3f79e803e7a3bdddc08618c230fc70d5800c6b3a5fb
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