belak.gentoo / net-misc / unison / Manifest

DIST unison-2.40.61-manual.html 267159 RMD160 ba193743e36bdd868f9576610b94e59e7baf8cb8 SHA1 b941d7a40d1e9968d72ead4d61375091a28c9028 SHA256 b88c6c3a24c359e306e702672cc8da904e72c367861ef2a3dc3df07566948223
DIST unison-2.40.61-manual.pdf 507350 RMD160 5fa0283fcf68849313214270698c27edd5b2aa41 SHA1 1410adf5edaf4be22598550dbfae5f861b440586 SHA256 75ff6909abcf6f9ea0a981a8e3827218491fcdfb03c088c8dd1e43fcc9c687ef
DIST unison-2.40.61.tar.gz 2702722 RMD160 4a0bcc636d0e182be13723a5d9c676406824f638 SHA1 8645ce93a525b9561d51cceb9c4f9f08cea650e9 SHA256 e6114bf6a99d8bbe151250b7e28a74aa546d213f4f7f7914ca086a48b375277b
EBUILD unison-2.40.61.ebuild 2303 RMD160 79ded55d278ae16b171933d289ea9330c23368a1 SHA1 aafc4d75c1700b9c7426615ab2c1bd128eec133c SHA256 dd98bf6b65d694b4974772d9273515268c5a0266616cd9a294d944d4214ebd82
MISC metadata.xml 252 RMD160 ef9baa26fc67986bef22a7a65e64dde3cf17e575 SHA1 47206697675a26d3b77f5d5c7e980a5a475d767e SHA256 916d18cb8bafdf85a72e4b4458e41cebf214bed0eed8be1bb364aa6a4d42d2c6
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