This repo contains any legacy code I have left over from previous projects. It contains code that I don't plan on actively supporting, whether for disinterest or replacement projects.


Repocoded originally started as an rsync syncing solution to replace shell scripts running in cron jobs. It was going to be a complete linux mirror solution. However, the project got larger as my available time started shrinking.


My first rewrite of seabird, doing all the IRC parsing and networking from scratch using gio and glib. This was abandoned in favor of a temporary version written in python and a final version currently in progress using Go.


This was one of the first iterations of seabird. It was originally written using the released version of libircclient, until a friend forked it and improved it. This was abandoned in favor of seabird. This version is actually the closest to being complete, but it's very buggy and easy to crash.


This was a quickly hacked together weekend project. A friend was someone upset that the school-run radio station he was set to DJ at was closing down for break earlier than hoped. I threw this together so he could get a playlist of songs and play them through to a shoutcast server. Worked great, but there are memory leaks all around as well as a number of other unsavory bugs. This literally takes the MP3 file and writes it to the icecast server. I had another version that used gstreamer to decode the files and encode it to a standard bitrate stream, but that version was lost.


My attempt at improving thrucoded resulted in this C++ version. I don't think it was ever finished, so this repo isn't really worth much. The shoutcast wrapper was found elsewhere, but I don't recall where.


This was replaced by my new utils repo. There are a few scripts here that aren't in the other one, so I'm leaving this up.