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missing translations in comment node admin

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     def comment_approve(self, request, queryset):
         count = queryset.update(approved=True)
-        msg = (count == 1) and 'One comment was' or ('%s comments were' % count)
-        self.message_user(request, "%s approved." % msg)
-    comment_approve.short_description = 'Mark selected comments as approved'
+        msg = (count == 1) and _('One comment was approved') or (_('%d comments were approved') % count)
+        self.message_user(request, msg[:])
+    comment_approve.short_description = _('Mark selected comments as approved')
     def get_form(self, request, obj=None, **kwargs):
         form_cls = super(CommentNodeAdmin, self).get_form(request, obj, **kwargs)


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 msgid "Useful information"
 msgstr "Полезная информация"
 msgid "Current password"
 msgstr "Текущий пароль"
 msgid "Parent comment"
 msgstr "Родительский комментарий"
 msgid "Users comments"
 msgstr "Комментарии пользователя"
+msgid "Mark selected comments as approved"
+msgstr "Подтвердить выбранные комментарии"
+msgid "One comment was approved"
+msgstr "Комментарий подтвержен"
+#, python-format
+msgid "%d comments were approved"
+msgstr "Подтверждено %d комментариев"