FormantaSass: Core

A Sass Library with style output or not, complete themes could be build using only config values.

It is split into two parts:

  • FormantaSass, this repo, containing full sets of reusable components
  • FormantaSass: Core, core logic, basic style and utility functions
  • Core is independent, whereas FormantaSass (this) relies on Core


With composer:

composer require bemit/formantasass
composer require bemit/formantasass-core

Manual installation:

Download or clone both repo's master into one folder, it is needed that both projects are in the same folder with their names.





git clone ./vendor/bemit/formantasass
git clone ./vendor/bemit/formantasass-core


Ready To Use

For example, integrated in Flood\Canal


This project is free software distributed under the terms of two licences, the CeCILL-C and the GNU Lesser General Public License. You can use, modify and/ or redistribute the software under the terms of CeCILL-C (v1) for Europe or GNU LGPL (v3) for the rest of the world.

This file and the LICENCE.* files need to be distributed and not changed when distributing. For more informations on the Licences which are applied read:

Information, Support and Documentation

More informations, contacts and support for FormantaSass could be found under the documentation is located at

Made by

Michael Becker,

The Logo was made by friends of Born & Partner

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