Benoît Allard committed 7496ac8

web/template: Improve formatting of the diffbuild page

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 {% block body %}
 <h2>Difference between build#{{ request.args['old'] }} and build#{{ request.args['new'] }}.</h2>
-  Global statistics:
+  <h3>Global statistics:</h3>
   {{ macros.render_issues(globals[0], globals[1], globals[2])|safe }}
-  Per repository:
+  <h3>Per repository:</h3>
     {% for repopath, repo in repositories.iteritems() %}
     {{ macros.diff_repo(repopath, repo, optparams)|safe }}


 {% set oldch, newch, issuesmin, issuesplus, num_annon = repo %}
 {% if oldch != newch %}
-  <h3><a href="{{ url_for('diff.changeset', repo=repopath, old=oldch,
+  <h4><a href="{{ url_for('diff.changeset', repo=repopath, old=oldch,
                           new=newch, **optparams) }}">
     {{- repopath -}}
-  </a> (<tt>{{ oldch[:12] }}</tt> &rarr; <tt>{{ newch[:12] }}</tt>)</h3>
+  </a> (<tt>{{ oldch[:12] }}</tt> &rarr; <tt>{{ newch[:12] }}</tt>)</h4>
   {{ render_issues(issuesmin, issuesplus, num_annon) }}
 {% endif %}
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