Jeff Licquia  committed 6dc44bf

Fix bzr branch handling.

Branches in bzr are separate URLs at the moment; handling branches
amounts to appending to a base URL (the "baseURL" parameter). The
original code did this on factory creation; we need it to happen
at build time instead (when the bzr step is actually run on the slave).

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File master/buildbot/steps/source/

             raise ValueError("you must privide at least one of repourl and"
                              " baseURL")
-        if self.repourl is None:
-            self.repourl = self.baseURL + defaultBranch
         assert self.mode in ['incremental', 'full']
         if self.mode == 'full':
             assert self.method in ['clean', 'fresh', 'clobber', 'copy', None]
     def startVC(self, branch, revision, patch):
-        self.branch = branch or 'master'
+        if branch:
+            self.branch = branch
         self.revision = revision
         self.method = self._getMethod()
         self.stdio_log = self.addLog("stdio")
+        if self.repourl is None:
+            self.repourl = self.baseURL + self.branch
         d = self.checkBzr()
         def checkInstall(bzrInstalled):
             if not bzrInstalled: