Followup to Issue 27 (pyusb API)

Issue #36 resolved
Anonymous created an issue

I had the same problem on Mint 15 - it has pyusb

Resolved by removing the interface parameter on three (?) calls in



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  1. Benoît Allard repo owner

    For the moment, the mentioned fix is only needed if you are using the git version of pyusb (unreleased). The pre-1.0 version of pyusb did not had a core (usb.core) module, only usb, which make them easy to distinguish. We don't support any pre-1.0 release of pyusb.

    Anyway, if the API stays the way it is in the development repository, we will have to find a way to be compatible with the multiple version of the same function ... But I'd rather wait for an official release before working on this ...

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