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  <p class="opera">WARNING: There are some drawing troubles with
  Opera. This should'nt affect the simulation though.</p>
- <p>Looking for a <a href="#description">description</a> ?</p>
+ <p><a href="#description">Description</a> below</p>
  <div id="stack">
   <canvas width="760" height="760" id="harvester"></canvas>
  <div class="description" id="description">
+  <h2>Description</h3>
+  <h3>Controls</h3>
    In this simulation, the blue harvester aims at cleaning the red
    field. Nothing is pre-calculated, and everything happens in the
     speed decrease the accuracy as it increases the sampling period.
+  <h3>Reset parameters</h3>
    Below those controls, the possibility is offered to change the
    field, or to switch the (auto)-pilot. Those modification will only
    take effect after a <strong>Reset</strong>.
-  <p>
-   The available fields are:
-  </p>
+  <h4>Fields</h4>
    <li>Some fixed ones, named <i>Example &lt;n&gt;</i></li>
    <li>some others, extracted from <a
-  <p>
-   And the available pilots are:
-  </p>
+  <h4>Pilots</h4>
    <dt>Simple spiral</dt>
    <dd>A pilot that follows the left edge of the remaining bit of the
  <p><a href="https://bitbucket.org/benallard/harvesim">Source code</a>
- available on bitbucket, or under the right-click -> 'View Page Source' menu.</p>
+ available on bitbucket, or under the right-click menu -> <i>View Page Source</i>.</p>
  <address><a href="mailto:benoit.allard@gmx.de">Benoît Allard</a></address>
 </body> </html>