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     pattern = issue\d+
-    include.glob = 
+    include.glob =
     exclude.glob =
     print "Mercurial version too old, please upgrade to at least 1.9"
 def getb():
         b = extensions.find('b')
         return None
     return b
          [('r', 'rev', '', _('operate up to a given revision'), 'REV'),
           ('p', 'pattern', '', _('pattern to filter issue-fixing commits'),
 def hotfiles(ui, repo, node=None, rev='.', pattern=None, **opts):
     """ Print the ten files the most susceptible to contains issues.
     The calculation is based on the number of time a file was touched during
     a bug-fixing commit, later commits weight more than earlier ones.
     The list of files analysed is based on the files present in the sepcified
     revision, this list can be filtered through the usage of include/exclude
     patterns on the command line or in the configuration file.
     The list of revisions analysed is by default all the non-merge revision.
     This list can be filtered by using a pattern given through the command line
     or the configuration file.
         max = d[0][1]
     for f, s in d:
         if ui.verbose:
-            ui.write('% 4d: %s\n' % (int(s/max * 100), f))
+            ui.write('% 4d: %s\n' % (int(s / max * 100), f))
             ui.write('%s\n' % f)