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Author: Benoit Allard


MsgBoard is a WSGI web app written in Python to manage a message board.

It has a concept of users and messages. Each user can leave messages on the board, and read the messages from the other users.


It is recommended to run it inside a virtualenv.

  1. create a virtualenv:

    $ virtualenv msgboard
  2. clone msgboard in your virtualenv:

    $ cd msgboard
    $ hg clone
  3. install the dependencies:

    $ cd msgboard
    $ pip install -r pip-requirements.txt
  4. see it running:

    $ python
    $ python

By pointing your browser to http://localhost:5000 you should be welcomed with a page asking you if you want to remains anonymous or enter your name in the next page.


Development is hosted by BitBucket. For patch proposal, best is to fork the repository and send a pull-request. I won't deny patches sent by mail though.


The documentation (if any), is hosted by readthedocs.


For deployment, the combination gunicorn + nginx is a recommended setup, but if you are that far, I doubt you need advices on which WSGI engine and server you need to deploy.