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pycsc: be a bit more verbose when acting behind the scene

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File webscard/implementations/pycsc/

         if 'CAPFile' in config:
             if not CAPRunner:
                 # There should be a better way to ... 
+                print "CAPFile, but no caprunner"
                 return None
             return CAPToken(name, config)
         elif 'applets' in config:
         if 'init' in config:
+            print "initializing token"
             for apdu in config['init']:
                 data = apdu.split()
                 err, sw = self.transmit(map(lambda x: int(x, 16), data))
+                if err: print "Err", err
+                print a2s(sw)
     def installJCFunctions(self):
         """ This tweak the JC Framework to make it fit our environment