Rogue Class
* Introduction
* How to build install media

Rogue Class is a toy Linux distribution for playing games and reading
books.  RCL has a streamlined installer and it supports joystick
controls in most of the programs.  RCL favors turn-based games, such as
puzzles and rogue-like games.

Read more about it at http://rogueclass.org/

How to build install media
* Make sure to have a Slackware 14.1 x86 full installation.
  Other build environments are not supported.
* Install fpc (Free Pascal Compiler) from slackbuilds.org
* Download and extract the RCL sources.
* Download the Slackware and package sources
# ./list-mirrors.sh
* Copy one of the listed URLs
# SLACKMIRROR="paste URL here" ./download-sources.sh
* Build RCL
# ./build.sh 2>&1 | tee build.txt
* Wait for it to complete
* ./check-build-errors.sh
* Burn ./build/rcl-VERSION-disc1.iso to a CD
* Burn ./build/rcl-VERSION-disc2.iso to a 2nd CD