Maser thesis LaTeX base

This base setup should work both with manual editing in your favourite text editor as well as in TeXstudio, a simple LaTeX IDE.

Directory structure:

Location of any special files like custom packages.
Location of any images you want to include in your thesis
The build output directory.

Dictionaries for Texstudio

LaTeX packages needed (Ubuntu):

  • texlive
  • texlive-latex-extra
  • texlive-lang-european (Suport for norwegian characters)


The file texstudio.txsprofile contains the settings configured to work with the project structure. Import the settings in Texstudio from "Options->Load Profile" or copy the file to ~/.config/texstudio/texstudio.ini (before running TeXstudio).

When opening TeXstudio for the first time, navigate to tex files and open main.tex. Also, set the option "Options->Automatically Restore Session at Next Start" to have the project loaded automatically when running Texstudio.

To build and preview the result, press F1.

To add norwegian and english dictionaries:

  1. "Options->Configure Texstudio"
  2. In the General Tab, set the "Spelling Dictionary Directory" to the dictionaries directory of this project.