| Simple 3D Parametric Plotter |

NOTE ----------------------------------------------------------------+
| This is not the Raspberry Pi version.  That one can be found here: |
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0. Overview
1. Compilation
2. Usage

0. Overview

Surfaces in three-dimensional space can be described by a function which maps
values from a two-dimensional plane (u,v-coordinates) into 3D space (x,y,z).

Playing around with these functions can be fun and you can get some very pretty
surfaces with relatively concise formulas.

I wrote this program as a tool to play around with these, but also as an
exercise in OpenGL 1 and parsing of mathematical expressions.

1. Compilation

The program depends on GL, GLU and SDL, so make sure you have those installed
on your system before proceeding.

If you have everything, executing the following should compile the program:
    $ make

2. Usage

Take a look at the output of
    $ ./simple-paramplot -h
which shows you the available command-line options and how to use them.

Also see ./ for a somewhat complicated parametric function.

When the program is running, you can use the following keys and buttons:
    Drag Left Mouse Button:           Rotate view.
    Draw Middle Mouse Button Up/Down: Move view forward/backward.
    Escape:                           Quit program.

Have fun math-ing!
  - Benedek Vartok  <>