pyohio_talk / pysp /

import sys
from splunk import search as splunk_search
from splunk import auth as splunk_auth

class SplunkExamples(object):

    def __init__(self):
        self._key = splunk_auth.getSessionKey('admin', 'changeme')

    def tail_syslog(self, number=10):
        """Tail the last 'n' events"""

        args = {'search': 'search sourcetype="syslog"',
                'max_count': '%d' % number,
                'latest_time': 'rt',
                'status_buckets': '300',
                'earliest_time': 'rt'}

        search_job = splunk_search.dispatch(**args)

        for index, event in enumerate(
            yield event


    def report_from_syslog(self):
        """Create basic report from syslog data"""

    def alert_from_syslog(self):
        """Create alert for nagios from syslog data"""
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