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Add clientid to simple interface. Bump version.

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 """Implementation of the STOMP protocol in Python.
-VERSION = (0, 2, 5)
+VERSION = (0, 2, 6)
 __version__ = ".".join(map(str, VERSION))
 __author__ = "Benjamin W. Smith"
 __contact__ = ""
         return self.stomp.send(conf)
-    def connect(self, username=None, password=None):
+    def connect(self, username=None, password=None, clientid=None):
         """Connect to the broker.
         :keyword username: Username for connection
         :keyword password: Password for connection
+        :keyword clientid: Client identification for persistent connections
         :raises :exc:`stompy.stomp.ConnectionError`:
             if the connection was unsuccessful.
             if the connection timed out.
-        self.stomp.connect(username=username, password=password)
+        self.stomp.connect(username=username, password=password, clientid=clientid)
     def disconnect(self):
         """Disconnect from the broker."""