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Issue #10 open

cms:MapMessage shows as empty string when pulled from queue

created an issue

I'm attempting to use python-stomp to pull messages from ActiveMQ. If the cms:MapMessage class is used in a c++ program to push messages into the queue, and the same message is pulled from the queue using python-stomp, the message.body is an empty string. If cms:TextMessage is used, the message comes through nicely.

Example: Two mapped messages in queue, two text messages


while True: message = stomp.get() print 'body: %s' % message.body

body: body: body: Hello world! from thread 3062762352 body: Hello world! from thread 3062762352

I would expect the mapped message body to appear as a string in python dictionary format.

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  1. Benjamin Smith repo owner

    I'm not familiar with how the message is constructed or how it looks at the socket level.

    I'd have to have an example of the raw data coming in to figure out how to account for it in the parsing of the data from the socket.

    I'll do a bit of reading up on how that works and let you know what I find out. If you could point me to some references/documentation on the 'cms' message classes, that would be awesome.

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