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stompy - Python STOMP client library

This is useful for connecting to and communicating with Apache ActiveMQ (an open source Java Message Service (JMS) message broker) or other brokers with support for the STOMP protocol.

The majority of the methods available take a single argument; a dictionary. This dictionary should contain the necessary bits you need to pass to the STOMP server. It is outlined in each method exactly what it needs to work.

For specifics on the protocol, see the STOMP protocol specification.

This library is basically a Python implementation of Perl's Net::Stomp.

To enable the ActiveMQ Broker for STOMP add the following to the activemq.xml configuration:

    <serverTransport uri="stomp://localhost:61613"/>

See for latest code.

Thanks for patches and support go out to:

Ask Solem Hoel (asksol) Victor Ng (crankycoder) Justin Azoff (justinazoff)