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Peter Hosey  committed b3dd338

Added targets to the Makefile to run the Clang Static Analyzer on the date formatter.

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 CFLAGS+=-std=c99 -g -Wall
 LDFLAGS+=-framework Foundation
 all: testparser unparse-weekdate unparse-ordinaldate unparse-date
 test: all parser-test unparser-test
+analysis: ISO8601DateFormatter-analysis.plist
 parser-test: testparser testparser.sh
 unparser-test: testunparser.sh unparse-weekdate unparse-ordinaldate unparse-date
 	./testunparser.sh > testunparser.out
 	diff -qs test_files/testunparser-expected.out testunparser.out
-.PHONY: all test parser-test unparser-test
+.PHONY: all test analysis parser-test unparser-test
 testparser: testparser.o ISO8601DateFormatter.o
 unparse-weekdate: unparse-weekdate.o ISO8601DateFormatter.o ISO8601DateFormatter.o
 unparse-ordinaldate: unparse-ordinaldate.o ISO8601DateFormatter.o ISO8601DateFormatter.o
 unparse-date: unparse-date.o ISO8601DateFormatter.o ISO8601DateFormatter.o
+ISO8601DateFormatter-analysis.plist: ISO8601DateFormatter.m
+	$(CLANG) $^ --analyze -o /dev/null