Online service to take a gutenberg text, strip off the bumpf and make available in different formats such as plain text, html, pdf.

Copyright 2010 Open Knowledge Foundation. Licensed under AGPL.

= Plan =

== System Structure ==

  1. Frontend: catalogue and links to texts in various formats
  • openbiblio
  1. Store: with texts (maybe same as frontend)
  2. Messaging system
  3. Listeners which do cleaning and PDFizing
  • Could plug in other cleaners ...

== Steps ==

=== Frontend ===

  1. I come to the Frontend and request Madame Bovary in PDF
  2. Frontend looks up in store where PDF exists
  • Yes: return it
  • No: proceed
  1. Add PDF task for Madame Bovary to task queue and return to user saying they should check back in 30m

=== Task queue ===

=== Storage server ===

=== Worker ===

  1. Worker checks for message for PDFation and finds pdf item
  2. Work locates and downloads source text
  3. Cleans and up PDFs source text
  4. Uploads results to holding/storage server
  5. Adds message that this has been done