Something I was playing about with on the weekend, a tribute to Mandelbrot.

I've implemented a crude and slow way to calculate the Mandelbrot set, overlaid
it with Johnathan Coulton's (JoCo) 'Mandelbrot Set' music, and added Karaoke-style lyrics to it.

Music is CC-by-nc from JoCo which is fantastic - go buy merch and music from him.


You need to have PyGame and numpy (and potentially simplejson) to be installed.

Run 'python tomandelbrot.py' and you should get a little screen popup and the music
should start playing.

Reading through the code should give you the hints you need
to see how I did the timings for the karaoke track.

Licence? Erm for the stuff I've written, BSD or PD - it's not like it's a smart implementation!