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File docs/examples/demo.txt

 Check requirements. This demo requires the following software to be installed
 on your system:
-* Python >= 2.6 ("with" statement)
+* Python >= 2.6 ("with" statement in
 * Virtualenv
-* Mercurial
+* Mercurial (if unavailable, download and extract the source from bitbucket
+  manually)
 With buildout

File docs/examples/index.txt

 A demonstration project is included in the Django-formrenderingtools
 sourcecode. It is the best way to discover code and results. It is also the
-easiest way to get a sandbox. See :doc:`demo-project` for details.
+easiest way to get a sandbox. See :doc:`/examples/demo` for details.
 .. toctree::
    :maxdepth: 2

File docs/install.txt

 If you want to discover the application, take a look at the
-Installation synopis
+Installation synopsis
 * Check requirements
 * Get the code