Test the template tag output

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Benoît Bryon
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Create a form with some fields, compare the theoric output with the real one. Then reproduce the test with a form that have errors.

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  1. Benoît Bryon reporter

    Tests were introduced for the {% render_form %} template tag. It partially covers the other template tags since the {% render_form %} internals use the other tags.

    But specific tests are still missing for the other template tags: every input parameters is not tested.

  2. Benoît Bryon reporter

    Tests were introduced for {% render_field_list %}, {% render_field %} and {% render_label %} too. They are not complete yet: it lacks tests over all input parameters and options.

  3. Benoît Bryon reporter

    Issue since it is too general: it is an endless ticket. Work has been done around it to make it possible to compare theoric and real template code output. So I resolve the issue.

    Create specific tickets for each use case which is not covered by tests.

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