Improved field selector for "fields" and "exclude_fields" parameters

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Benoît Bryon
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There could be an option to remember which fields have already been displayed. This could be useful to display big forms : isolate a few fields display all the other fields, without having to mention their name explicitely

Example: {{{


{% render_field_list fields="first_name,last_name" %} {% render_field_list fields="*" %} }}}

So if fields are added in the form's python class definition, then they would be displayed automatically.

And there could be an option to warn the template designer if he forgot to display a field. As an example: a developer adds a field to the form but do not add it to the displayed field list : then a test should fail or a warning be raised (debug).

There could be an option to select fields with a wildcard or regular expression. This could be useful if a form uses prefixes/suffixes.

Example: {{{


{% render_field_list fields="name" %} {% render_field_list fields="address" %} }}}

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