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 :Author: Benoit Bryon <>
-:Copyright: This document being part of the Django-imagethumbnail package, it's 
+:Copyright: This document being part of the django-imagethumbnail package, it's 
             being distributed under the terms of the MIT license. See LICENSE 
             file for details.
-Django-imagethumbnail provides these functionalities:
+django-imagethumbnail provides these functionalities:
 * a template modifier that dynamically generates the thumbnail of an image, and 
   then returns the path to the generated thumbnail
 It uses the following schema:
 where the original image is located at path/to/image.jpg within MEDIA_ROOT
-To do
-* add test: is the filesystem (e.g. MEDIA_ROOT + IMAGETHUMBNAIL_THUMBNAILS_PATH) valid and writeable? 
-* add test: check the return value of the "resize_into_box" utility function
-* improve exception handling when resizing original image and writing thumbnail
-  to filesystem
-* add test: check that PIL is available
-* add options: keep ratio, crop, stretch, quality...
-* perform code review on the thumbnail tag function: separate template tag tools
-  (the parsing of parameters) and utilities (the thumbnail creation); simplify 
-  operations on names of directories or files.
-* add tools: manage generated thumbnails, delete "unused" ones...
-* make it possible to store and serve thumbnails apart from MEDIA_ROOT and 
-  As a first example, this could be used to store and serve thumbnails on 
-  another server.
-  As a second example, this could be useful for providing "access control" on 
-  thumbnails, in case the images are not public and are served only after user
-  authentication.