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In tidy-buildout-directories, replaced deprecated downloads-directory by download-cache.

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-* .gitignore: no need to explain
-* README.txt: self-explained
 * a copy of the zc.buildout bootstrap script, as provided at
   `zc.buildout code repository`_
 * buildout.cfg: a buildout configuration file where:
       bin-directory = bin
       develop-eggs-directory = lib/buildout/develop-eggs
-      downloads-directory = lib/buildout/downloads
+      download-cache = lib/buildout/downloads
       eggs-directory = lib/buildout/eggs
       installed = lib/buildout/.installed.cfg
       parts-directory = lib/buildout/parts
   git clone
   cd python-buildout-directories/
+  # In this example, we need to prepare some directories.
+  mkdir -p lib/buildout
+  mkdir -p lib/buildout/downloads
   # Bootstrap zc.buildout, i.e. install it.
-  mkdir -p lib/buildout
   python --distribute
   # Run zc.buildout.
   * buildout.cfg
   * README.txt
-  * .git
+  * .git/
   * .gitignore
 * created by you:
-  * lib/buildout/ (you created this as an empty directory)
+  * lib/buildout/
+  * lib/buildout/downloads/
 * created by buildout:
 Non standard "mkdir -p lib/buildout"
+  A similar thing happens with lib/buildout/downloads, but it is a bit special.
+  See `download-cache`_ below.
 One thing has been added to a classic buildout workflow: the
 "mkdir -p lib/buildout" command.
 If your project is not only about Python and buildout, you may put other
 things in lib. In some projects, I saw some PHP libraries in lib/.
 Additional notes
+In the example above, we setup a download cache in local
+"lib/buildout/downloads". This may not be the most efficient configuration. I
+mean "download-cache" directory is typically a shared folder, such as
+"~/.buildout-cache". Anyway, buildout doesn't automatically create it and
+complains if it doesn't exist.
 Reusing directories configuration