Georg Brandl avatar Georg Brandl committed 01035c4

Write "making output directory" to the status fd, not to stderr unconditionally.

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                                  'contain file.')
             return 1
         outdir = abspath(args[1])
-        if not path.isdir(outdir):
-            print >>sys.stderr, 'Making output directory...'
-            os.makedirs(outdir)
     except getopt.error, err:
         usage(argv, 'Error: %s' % err)
         return 1
         warning = Tee(warning, warnfp)
         error = warning
+    if not path.isdir(outdir):
+        if status:
+            print >>status, 'Making output directory...'
+        os.makedirs(outdir)
         app = Sphinx(srcdir, confdir, outdir, doctreedir, buildername,
                      confoverrides, status, warning, freshenv,
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