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.. _models-ref:

Models reference

User association

This class manage association between an openid and a user account.

.. autoclass:: django_authopenid.models.UserAssociation

Openid store

In django-authopenid we create a special openid store (an instance of ``django_authopenid.openid_store.DjangoOpenIDStore`` using Django ORM. It use theses classes to store associations and nonces.

.. autoclass:: django_authopenid.models.Nonce

.. autoclass:: django_authopenid.models.Association

.. seealso:: `python-openid documentation <http://openidenabled.com/python-openid/>`_  and `django-registration models documentation <http://bitbucket.org/ubernostrum/django-registration/src/tip/docs/models.txt>`_ for more informations