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close #50. Now required django-registration==0.8

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 urlpatterns = patterns('',
     # django registration activate
-    url(r'^activate/(?P<activation_key>\w+)/$', reg_views.activate, name='registration_activate'),
+    url(r'^activate/(?P<activation_key>\w+)/$',
+        reg_views.activate,
+        {'backend': 'registration.backends.default.DefaultBackend'},
+        name='registration_activate'),
     # user profile
     url(r'^signout/$', oid_views.signout, name='user_signout'),
     url(r'^signin/complete/$', oid_views.complete_signin, name='user_complete_signin'),
     url(r'^signin/$', oid_views.signin, name='user_signin'),
-    url(r'^signup/$', reg_views.register, name='registration_register'),
+    url(r'^signup/$',
+        reg_views.register,
+        {'backend': 'registration.backends.default.DefaultBackend'},
+        name='registration_register'),
         {'template': 'registration/registration_complete.html'},


 To use django-authopenid you will need **Python 2.5** or later, `Django`_ 1.0 or later,
-`django-registration`_ not less than 0.7 and `python-openid`_ 2.2.1 or later. 
+`django-registration`_ 0.8 and `python-openid`_ 2.2.1 or later. 
 .. _cheeseshop:
 .. _easy_install:
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