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-## version 1.0a
+## version 1.0
-- no more legacy user creation and account managementt. Developpers could use django-registration or anything else
-### OTHERS:
-- `django_authopenid.util` is now deprecated and renamed to `django.utils`
+- now use django authentification contrib and django-registration application to manage legacy authentification.
 - default django openid store is now in `django_authopenid.openid_store`
 - you could now set a custom openid store by settings settings.OPENID_STORE
+- association of different openids is now possible when the user is logged.

File django_authopenid/views.py

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 def associate_failure(request, message, template_failure="authopenid/associate.html",
-        openid_form=OpenidSigninForm, redirect_name=None, extra_context=None, **kwargs):
+        openid_form=AssociateOpenID, redirect_name=None, extra_context=None, **kwargs):
     """ function used when new openid association fail"""
     return render(template_failure, {
-        'form': openid_form(),
+        'form': openid_form(request.user),
         'msg': message,
     }, context_instance=_build_context(request, extra_context=extra_context))

File docs/gettingstarted.txt

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 .. seealso:: :ref:`views-ref` and consult `the Django authentication documentation <http://www.djangoproject.com/documentation/authentication/>`_  and `django-registration documentation <http://bitbucket.org/ubernostrum/django-registration/>`_ for details on the templates and contexts used by views of these modules.
+.. warning:: Don't forget to setup your mail server access if you want to send mail.
 How it works