Email isn't verified for new user openid flow

Issue #33 open
Paul Tarjan
created an issue

Why is the user asked to provide an email for a new account creation, but the validation process is never done?

It would be nice to have valid emails associated with my users. Or if you don't want to validate them, please don't ask for them. No use having an invalid email polluting the system.

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  1. Anonymous

    I believe the Paul's talking about actually sending emails to the user and making sure it's not bouncing back.

    Why would email be required for extra security though? Is it to prevent bots registering more than once?


  2. Paul Tarjan reporter

    During the registration flow for openids, you ask for them to choose a username and email.

    During the registration flow for normal users, you ask for for them to choose a username, email, and password.

    The second flow validates the email, so I have a guaranteed validated email on all active profiles. The first flow does not do validation, so I don't know if the email is actually good or not.

    I'd prefer to have only valid emails so I can notify my users, and it feels kind of weird to ask for an email and then never make sure it works nor use it anywhere.

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