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Issue #50 resolved

Signup page does not work - whih django-registration-0.8

Anonymous created an issue

Exception Type: TypeError at /forum/account/signup/ Exception Value: register() takes at least 2 non-keyword arguments (1 given)

django-registration-0.7: def register(request, success_url=None, form_class=RegistrationForm, template_name='registration/registration_form.html', extra_context=None):

django-registration-0.8-alpha-1: def register(request, backend, success_url=None, form_class=None, disallowed_url='registration_disallowed', template_name='registration/registration_form.html', extra_context=None):

Comments (8)

  1. ulchm

    nevermind, not sure how I missed the patch but it definitely works.. Stop bumping and patch it yourself guys! I'm sure they will get it worked into trunk soon enough.

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